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lion tamer


date. october 12, 2022

loccation. the concrete jungle

inkling.09 | Copyright © Stefano Di Lollo                                                                                       

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inkling 09 lion tamer.png

Does the world around us need taming or does our ego need taming?

Ego is often labeled as the antithesis of good leadership but I don't think attempting to suppress it completely is appropriate or even possible. Like most things, I believe it usually comes down to balance because there are moments when a healthy dose of ego is certainly required in the "corporate jungle".

That said, developing the self-awareness to recognize when the ego isn't serving us or serving others is an element that I feel most of us need to work on whether you're a coach, manager, mentor, leader, or a combination of any of these. My depiction of the lion tamer as the lion is meant as a reminder that often it isn't the world around us that needs to be controlled or “kept in line”, rather it’s our desire to control that may be getting in the way.

*Every week I create & post a visual representation (an inkling) inspired by my work as an executive coach & leadership development facilitator. 

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