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open door policy


date. september 14, 2022

loccation. the concrete jungle

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How do you want to show up as a leader?

You may have read the pro/con arguments and issues behind open door policies, BUT that's not what this post is about.

We've likely all had those moments...when we show up gruff as a bear. After all, we're human and it can happen (occasionally).

As a leader, WHERE you lead your people is important, but HOW you lead your team is just as important. I often work with leaders who initially set the right intentions on how they wanted to behave, communicate, take action, and make choices, who then feel blindsided when they discover that how they're perceived by others doesn't quite match how they'd hoped to show up.

It's only natural that when it's smooth sailing, and work isn't riddled with difficulties, obstacles, or challenges, we tend to say the right things and align our behavior with our intentions. In those moments, a focus on leading with empathy and developing others seems more attainable. In times when the going gets tough, it's equally important to check in with ourselves and recognize how we're showing up when we may have been triggered by the multi-faceted and diverse challenges of work.

The key lies in full self-awareness and a focus on effective communication, in my book. This means knowing when and how to hold conversations that will be productive while considering the impact you desire to have on the other person or people. Our listening presence, what we listen for, and how we navigate our conversations, are often the skills we assume we're already doing quite well, and yet most of us have never had any formal training for any of them.

I won't attempt to use this brief post as an opportunity to offer detailed strategies, nor do I want to resort to makeshift "quick tips" or "one-size-fits-all solutions" for a topic that requires deeper exploration. Rather, I create inklings as visual catalysts to spark real conversations whether it's in the public comments posted on social media or via direct messages. Share your thoughts and experiences.

*Every week I create & post a visual representation (an inkling) inspired by my work as an executive coach & leadership development facilitator. 

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