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step aside


date. august 24, 2022

loccation. the concrete jungle

inkling.02 | Copyright © Stefano Di Lollo                                                                                       

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inkling 02 step aside

"Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those doing it."

Can you step aside, please?

As leaders, it can be challenging to give others permission to prove us wrong. We’re human and it’s difficult to fully step out of someone’s way and allow them the time and space to achieve something we may not believe is possible. It requires courage and vulnerability on our part because after all, this is risky business… we may be wrong in the end. So what? Then what? What's truly most important?

The correct attribution for this quote remains unresolved but regardless of whether it is an actual Chinese proverb, a Confucius quote, or an evolved statement from more recent authors, I believe it deserves merit.


*Every week I create & post a visual representation (an inkling) inspired by my work as an executive coach & leadership development facilitator. 

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