Vice-President of Leadership Development & Innovation | Papillon MDC Inc. 

Stefano Di Lollo 

Stefano has extensive experience as a consultant partnering with purpose-driven leaders and organizations to help create impactful and innovative teams. Stefano acquired in-depth leadership experience in diverse sectors, and his expertise helped develop and launch creative initiatives within corporations, and educational institutions alike. As a trained coach, Stefano transmits his passion by partnering with clients so that they can reach their full potential with a unique approach. Stefano is also a dynamic leadership facilitator, collaborating with leaders across the organization as they develop their management and mentoring skills. Stefano's creative programs are offered to Papillon MDC’s top corporate clients.

Stefano Di Lollo's training is recognized

by the International Coaching Federation

Stefano Di Lollo is a member

of the International Coaching Federation

Stefano Di Lollo is a licensed

Navigational Conversations™ Facilitator

Stefano Di Lollo is an

Associate Coach at Grand Heron Int'l



Stefano Di Lollo is a certified coach at Grand Heron International

Grand Heron International is a provider of in-the-moment coaching for individuals and companies supported by a diligently curated network of life, career, professional and excutive coaches who have made it their life mission to help individuals get unstuck, make decisions and move forward with confidence, one coaching conversation at a time. GHI also brings forth a range of services for coaches including a series of webinars focused on masterful coaching as well as consultation for mental health referrals.

GHI was conceived with the intent of lifting society by liberating minds through the power of a coaching conversation. We believe that when people feel less burdened, they are happier, compassionate and tolerant of others. Together, with coaches from around the globe, we make coaching accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In 2014, Stefano became a professor at Dawson College, and his continued studies in higher education pedagogy have led to his involvement in avant-garde projects working with Montreal colleges and universities to advance the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL).

Stefano's academic research in creative cognition has led to numerous speaking opportunities, workshops, and mastermind sessions for both local and international audiences.







  Earlier this year, Stefano Di Lollo was nominated and won a BOSSING UP award.

Jennifer Neveu

“Stefano’s inclusive coaching methods have made my team feel engaged and empowered which has made their performance and outcomes that much more powerful and tangible. On a personal level, Stefano has truly helped my career development over the years; I now recognize my own level of creativity as a leader and I use it to inspire my work, my team, my organization, and my collaborators. I regularly book him to help me see past the clutter.  He’s the true definition of a creative catalyst.”

~Jennifer Neveu

  Product Development & Marketing Director | Masdel Inc.

"Partnering with Stefano is a pleasure beyond words. His sense of discovery is contagious, and his flexibility is noticeable. Some of his contributions can be seen through our e-Learning Service line, our Lunch & Learn series, and his recent addition of a Creative Leadership Program, which is offered to some of our top corporate clients.


~ Mirella De Civita, Ph.D., PCC, MCEC

   Founder/President of  Papillon MDC Inc. & Grand Heron International Inc.

   Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council

Mirella De Civita, Ph.D., PCC, MCEC

Liana Carbone

“Even a 1-hour discussion with Stefano is incredibly inspiring. I walked away knowing how to navigate through challenges and I felt like I could conquer the world! He’s energetic, and his ability to make people think without limits so they can generate their own solutions is truly admirable.”


~ Liana Carbone

   Founder/Owner of Haven Creative Space

   Creative Director of Liana Carbone Photography

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