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Stefano has extensive experience as a consultant partnering with purpose-driven leaders and organizations to help create impactful and innovative teams. Stefano acquired in-depth leadership experience in diverse sectors, and his expertise helped develop and launch creative initiatives within corporations, and educational institutions alike. As a trained coach, Stefano transmits his passion by partnering with clients so that they can reach their full potential with a unique approach. Stefano is also a dynamic leadership facilitator, collaborating with leaders across the organization as they develop their management and mentoring skills. Stefano's creative programs are offered to Papillon MDC’s top corporate clients.


My purpose is to transform lives by helping leaders reshape their personal narratives. ⇩⇩⇩

True success is the realization of potential. My team and I define our success by how well we help leaders grow and succeed today as well as tomorrow. Our team of leadership experts lead and facilitate a suite of diligently designed leadership programs and executive coaching programs to help individuals and teams become the leaders they desire to be. Well over 3,500 leaders have entrusted us with their leadership journeys.

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Stefano Di Lollo is an

Associate Coach

at  Grand Heron Int'l

Stefano Di Lollo's training

is recognized by the IFC

Stefano Di Lollo is a member

of the International Coaching Federation

Stefano Di Lollo is a licensed

Navigational Conversations™ Facilitator

(Strategic Coaching Skills For Leaders)

Stefano Di Lollo is an INIFAC

(International Institute For Facilitation)

Certified Virtual Facilitator™

Stefano Di Lollo is certified in

 Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™

and the LEA 360™ Suite


Stefano Di Lollo Coacharya Certified Coa



Grand Heron International is a provider of in-the-moment coaching for individuals and companies supported by a diligently curated network of life, career, professional and excutive coaches who have made it their life mission to help individuals get unstuck, make decisions and move forward with confidence, one coaching conversation at a time. GHI also brings forth a range of services for coaches including a series of webinars focused on masterful coaching as well as consultation for mental health referrals.

GHI was conceived with the intent of lifting society by liberating minds through the power of a coaching conversation. We believe that when people feel less burdened, they are happier, compassionate and tolerant of others. Together, with coaches from around the globe, we make coaching accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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is Grand Heron's Head of the Coach Ecosystem


Stefano is an executive coach and leadership development facilitator. Stefano has extensive experience working with purpose-driven leaders and organizations to help create impactful and innovative teams. He acquired in-depth leadership experience in diverse sectors, and his expertise helped develop and launch creative leadership initiatives within corporations and educational institutions alike. His ability to create and reunite communities keeps him very involved in numerous events with non-profit organizations that reunite Montreal’s entrepreneurial, technological, and creative communities. As the Head of Grand Heron International’s Coach Ecosystem, Stefano is responsible for recruiting and onboarding new coaches, managing and coordinating the GHI Coach Supervision process for all Associate Coaches, and invigorating the GHI community through creative activities and interests.



Stefano is also an Associate Coach on Grand Heron's roster of professional coaches. To book an On Demand coaching session with Stefano, click on the badge to the right. 

Stefano’s Unique Style

Stefano’s multifaceted experience as a leader working alongside top-level executives enables him to have a transdisciplinary vantage point of diverse corporate environments and structures. He likes to consider himself a “creative catalyst” on a mission to grow creative confidence in others so that they may unlock their potential, solve their problems to get unstuck, nurture impactful leadership cultures within organizations, and use the power of design thinking and storytelling to enhance experiential learning. His approach to powerful questioning and visualization allows for the deep reflection required to highlight thinking patterns, new ideas, and actionable solutions to problems.




Zero in on topics that affect leaders today

Stefano Di Lollo has been an invited guest on several podcasts, a guest speaker in universities and colleges, and a keynote speaker for various companies on themes such as:

  • Creative Leadership

  • Design Thinking Applied to Leadership

  • Innovation & Collaboration

  • Brainstorming Best Practices

  • The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) 

  • Environmental Sustainability & Leadership

  • Making Human Connections in A Digital World

  • A Coach Approach to Communication

  • Employee Engagement



Jennifer Neveu


“Stefano’s inclusive coaching methods have made my team feel engaged and empowered which has made their performance and outcomes that much more powerful and tangible. On a personal level, Stefano has truly helped my career development over the years; I now recognize my own level of creativity as a leader and I use it to inspire my work, my team, my organization, and my collaborators. I regularly book him to help me see past the clutter.  He’s the true definition of a creative catalyst.”

~Jennifer Neveu

  Product Development & Marketing Director | Masdel Inc.

"Partnering with Stefano is a pleasure beyond words. His sense of discovery is contagious, and his flexibility is noticeable. Some of his contributions can be seen through our e-Learning Service line, our Lunch & Learn series, and his recent addition of a Creative Leadership Program, which is offered to some of our top corporate clients.


~ Mirella De Civita, Ph.D., PCC, MCEC

   Founder/President of  Papillon MDC Inc. & Grand Heron International Inc.

   Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council

Mirella De Civita, Ph.D., PCC, MCEC

Mirella De Civita Stefano Di Lollo.png

Liana Carbone


“Even a 1-hour discussion with Stefano is incredibly inspiring. I walked away knowing how to navigate through challenges and I felt like I could conquer the world! He’s energetic, and his ability to make people think without limits so they can generate their own solutions is truly admirable.”


~ Liana Carbone

   Founder/Owner of Haven Creative Space

   Creative Director of Liana Carbone Photography


"I just wanted to share a quick note to let others know just how great of a job you do! I’m so glad I decided to partner with Stefano. Session after session, Stefano managed to get my creative juices flowing and hit me with eye-opening moments that will stay with me for a lifetime. We developed a valuable and lasting relationship. His dedication to my leadership development was just what I needed to strengthen my goals and objectives. I very much appreciated his ability to connect with me, coach me, and guide me in my leadership journey. A truly unforgettable experience."


~ Marco Chiovitti



Marco Chiovitti.png

"Working with Stefano has been a wonderful experience. He helps me explore my thoughts and challenge my own ideas in ways that are helpful and insightful. I always find myself reflecting on our conversation days after a session. Because of our work together, I now feel safe to explore new ways of thinking about my skills and my career. As a coach, he has a talent for truly listening and being present; he creatively stitches thoughts and ideas together from our past conversations in an eye-opening way. Stefano has given me the space to grow and the flexibility to adjust our coaching focus along the way. He checks in, is respectful, and recognizes that you are the expert of your own life.”


~ Sonia, Human Resources Professional


Stefano worked with me and really helped me chip away at some of the blockages that I was struggling with. His coaching style allowed me to build myself up. He had such a wise way of guiding me with words that spoke to me, only the words were actually coming from me. I found new ways to organize my own thoughts and feelings so that I could see a clear path; a path that was no longer a daunting one for me. I was able to finally be creative with my work once again.”


~ Lisa Arseneau   


“I have had the privilege of being coached by Stefano Di Lollo. Our sessions occurred at a time where I was at crossroads in my career. As a great listener with an abundance of empathy, Stefano helped me navigate through this very uncomfortable journey which turned into a positive one. I was able map out concrete actions and as a result I was able to step out of my comfort zone and move forward. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Stefano Di Lollo to any professional/executive looking for creative ways to get out of 'their funk'.”

~ Marjorie, HR Professional

“Stefano m’a beaucoup aidé dans mon cheminement professionnel, notamment à sécuriser des postes intéressants, faire des choix de carrière bien réfléchis, et à développer ma créativité. Il a su déceler mon potentiel alors que le système ne voulait pas le reconnaître. Stefano a un flair incomparable, une écoute active, et une capacité de bien orienter ses clients. Je le recommande vivement. ”

~ Jean-Paul Guillobel, Communication et relations publiques


"Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of being coached by Stefano Di Lollo in my development as the leader of a large-scale technology project. Through our conversations, reflections, and discussions, I have learned to know myself better and to target actions that make a difference. Among other things, we particularly worked on collaboration in difficult situations while exploring ways to support other leaders within my organization to help them perform. Through his very human approach, his illustrations, and his experience, Stefano demonstrated his coaching knowledge with me and allowed me to see how to put the strategies I explored into practice. Thank you for this precious time spent together that made me grow as a leader!"

~ Director, Renewable Energy industry 

"Thank you Stefano for all your guidance over the past several months, especially during those challenging moments. I remain grateful and truly appreciate how you allowed me to become more reflective and self-aware. I credit our work together as the spark that I needed for my professional growth while simultaneously strengthening my relationships with colleagues, peers, and direct reports. I also appreciate your creative flair. I’ve recently been able to advance my career to a new level, and I truly believe our work together made this milestone become a reality. I continue to think back to our work to this day and it continues to help me move forward. "


~ Executive, Aerospace industry


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