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Stefano Di Lollo

Vice President of Leadership Development & Innovation,

Executive Coach at Papillon MDC Inc. 

Stefano has extensive experience as a Management Consultant partnering with purpose-driven leaders and organizations to help create impactful and innovative teams. Stefano acquired in-depth leadership experience in diverse sectors including aerospace, financial institutions, crown corporations, design, technologies, educational institutions, real estate, communication, electrical utilities, media, and the simulator market. His ability to partner as an advisor and coach has facilitated the development and launch of creative initiatives within corporations, and educational institutions alike...  

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Stefano’s Coaching Approach

Stefano’s multifaceted experience as a leader working alongside top level executives enables him to have a transdisciplinary vantage point of diverse corporate environments and structures. He juxtaposes this experience with his extensive knowledge in higher education to create novel methods that help clients produce powerful insights, which would otherwise remain elusive. His creative approach to powerful questioning and visualization allows for the deep reflection required to identify limiting beliefs, highlight thinking patterns, generate new ideas, and focus on actionable solutions to problems. Stefano leverages the “a picture is worth a thousand words” adage by uses his artistic abilities to help clients explore and map out their own paths for getting unstuck and moving forward.

What people saying about Stefano:

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"This testimony is a little tardy, but better late than never. I’ve had at least a couple of opportunities to participate in Papillon MDC’s workshops led by Stefano Di Lollo. His energy, enthusiasm, thought-provoking content, and creativity, make any corporate event or ‘leadership summit’ a valuable learning experience."

Senior Executive, CBC/Radio-Canada


"Stefano is a thought leader in his field and added incredible value when I interviewed him on the People Potential with Amanda podcast on the topic of leadership development and innovation. Highly recommend him as a guest speaker and lecturer."

Amanda Fleising , VP Marketing @CloudFix

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"Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of being coached by Stefano in my development as the leader of a large-scale technology project. Through our conversations, reflections, & discussions, I have learned to know myself better & to target actions that make a difference. Among other things, we particularly worked on collaboration in difficult situations while exploring ways to support other leaders within my organization to help them perform. Through his very human approach, his illustrations, and his experience, Stefano demonstrated his coaching knowledge with me and allowed me to see how to put the strategies I explored into practice. Thank you for this precious time spent together that made me grow as a leader!"

CJ , Director, H-Qc


Thank you Stefano for all your guidance over the past several months, especially during those challenging moments. I remain grateful & truly appreciate how you allowed me to become more reflective and self-aware. I credit our work together as the spark that I needed for my professional growth while simultaneously strengthening my relationships with colleagues, peers, & direct reports. I also appreciate your creative flair. I’ve recently been able to advance my career to a new level, & I truly believe our work together made this milestone become a reality. I continue to think back to our work to this day & it continues to help me move forward.

Executive & Engineering Specialist, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Stefano Di Lollo


Head of Coach Ecosystem & Associate Coach

at Grand Heron International


As the Head of Grand Heron International’s Coach Ecosystem, Stefano is responsible for recruiting and onboarding new coaches, managing and coordinating the GHI Coach Supervision process for all Associate Coaches, and invigorating the GHI community through creative activities and interests. Stefano is also an Associate Coach on the roster of professional coaches.


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What people saying about Stefano's coaching over at Grand Heron International:

GHI client/user

"Stefano is a good listener, understands your point of view, and gives good advice. 
I really appreciated it."

GHI client/user

"Stefano is amazing.
He always listens and provides great feedback. HE IS the coach to have."


"J'ai beaucoup apprécié le coaching offert par Grand Héron. Stefano Di Lollo a su m'écouter pour bien comprendre mon besoin et, poser les bonnes questions, pour m'aider à trouver des solutions."

If you are an individual, you may contact Stefano for:

  • ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL COACHING (virtual and/or in-person)

If you are a business, you may contact Stefano (Papillon MDC) for:

  • Executive Coaching Programs

  • Leadership Development Programs

  • Training/Workshops

  • Group, Team, or Pod Coaching

  • Keynote Speaking Engagements

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Please contact Stefano via LinkedIn messaging.

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